Sunday Seed Program

College Seed Program 

Pastor Seed Program

Choir – Adult and Youth 

1st and 3rd Friday – Prayer Meeting on zoom on zoom 

Saturday Morning Prayer  Group – Meets Every Other Saturday @7am-9am (On Zoom)  

Men’s & women’s Fellowship – Every 4th Friday @8pm  

Outreach – Evangelism Outings – Dates to be Planned ( Meeting Coming Up) 
Youth Group Ministry – Bible Study Every Wednesday @7pm-9pm 


NHBC Youth Ministry

We are the YMG ( Young Ministers of THE GOSPEL). Our mission is to not only empower our youth through Christ, but to use our lives to make a spiritual difference. We want to set the foundation to create spiritual leaders, and to show that being who Christ has destined you to be instead of being who the world wants you to be has a far greater reward than an uncertain eternity. We are armed with the ministry of music, the gospel of Christ, and the dedication to live for the Lord. With these we are now equipping our youth with the armor of Christ to stand up for truth and show the world that GOD is REAL…..

We will be using the NIV Study Bible for our Study Meetings

Email Contact : 

Sis.Latasha Pettigrew-Youth Leader (502-291-1421)

Phone Number : 301-497-6419( Pastor’s Home)  or 301-725-0660 ( Church)